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Playing bingo online is becoming increasingly popular with bingo players and if you are still caught on the fence with whether it is something you would enjoy then we’ve put together so helpful tips and recommendations on why you may want to consider playing online bingo for the first time.

It can be thought of as mainly as British past time but more and me as the technology has involved and a younger generation become fans of the game, online bingo has become more and more popular.

Trying Your Luck At Online Bingo

If you’d like to try out online bingo for the first time, what’s great is that you can get an excellent bingo bonus if you sign up as a new customer.

What’s great is that quite a lot of the sites offer free bingo should you decide you want to open an online bingo account with them and quite a lot of these sites let you keep what you win if you happened to hit the jackpot.

How Online Bingo Compares To Live Bingo

Since live bingo has been being played in land-based buildings for far longer than online bingo has been around, you can always guarantee there will be a customer base for live bingo. However, online bingo is sure to become far more popular with it offering so much more to its players than that of its predecessor. Online bingo can be played at any time, from any place that the player desires without having to rush around to meet deadlines.

Although you can find a variety of online bingo games that have been given a modern twist, the basic idea has not changed, with customers simply required to match numbers on their card. So whether its a simple game of traditional bingo you want to enjoy or something that’s got a modern twist to it, online bingo has it all. Also, when playing live bingo customers are required to pay full attention with them having to listen out for the right numbers, but players can relax when playing online bingo with their numbers recorded automatically.

Online Bingo Games

When using online bingo sites you are sure to find a range of bingo games that come with their own twists and modifications, below we have put together a list of what games you can expect to find.

90 Ball Bingo – Probably the most popular form of bingo you can find across any bingo site you come across online is 90 ball bingo. This traditional form of bingo contains 90 balls that are numbered from 1 to 90 and offers three different ways of winning, which include one line, two lines and all three lines. The size of the prize depends on how customers win, with all three lines being rewarded with the largest prize.

80 Ball Bingo – 80 ball bingo is a variation of the game that has become hugely popular since being played across online bingo sites. Bingo cards for 80 ball bingo are played on a 4×4 grid, with one number in each square to make 16 numbers. Each of the four columns is coloured in either red, yellow, blue and silver. Customers will find themselves as a winner if they are the first to mark off one of the following patterns, which can be vertical, horizontal or all four corners.

75 Ball Bingo – A variation of the game that is played on a 5×5 card that contains 25 numbers arranged in five lines of five, with the centre space left three. Balls are numbered from 1 to 75 and players mark off their selected numbers when they match those that are chosen and the first player to complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line is the winner.

30 Ball Bingo – this is probably the quickest form of the game and doesn’t take very long to complete. Bingo games are typically over in a few minutes.

5 Line Bingo – this is possibly the least known format of the game. Sometimes it’s referred to as Swedish Bingo. This version of bingo is played with the numbers 1-75 and there are five lines to win on which is where the name comes from. Simply have all 5 lines called on a single row or similar to traditional bingo you can win with a full house.

Online Bingo Safety

Typically online bingo is a safe service that is completely legal, however, when dealing with online sites it is worth doing your research on your desired site before entering any personal details as they may not be properly regulated.

Although there are a few sites that can not be trusted, this should not put you off using online bingo in general, as there are numerous platforms that take the security of customers details very seriously.

Any sites recommended on our site have been tested so that you can be sure that your personal details are safe when using them.

Online Bingo Chat Rooms & Moderators

Most online bingo games come with their own chat room which allows players to enjoy a social aspect to their gaming experience. Players can use these rooms to chat with other players taking part in their game and use this function to congratulate winners and talk strategy.

Chat moderators work for the website and are put in place to keep the flow of the chat flowing and make sure everything posted is good-natured and not offensive.