High Stakes Betting Sites

Players who like to really go big on their bets may initially find it difficult to find the best places to do so. Most sites will set a cap on how much their players are able to wager on their bets in particular markets, but there are some sites that are far more generous to their customers than others when it comes to their maximum bets.

These are what are known as high stakes betting sites and there are many out there ready for you to create an account with. Customarily, the features of these types of sites see players get greater deposit maximums and withdrawal limits and have greater payout limits. If it’s betting big that you’re interested in, regarding either your level of stake and/or the returns from it, these high stakes betting sites will be the ones for you.

High Stakes Deposits

When it comes to making a big deposit into your high stakes betting account, players will often have to make multiple deposits to get the full amount they are looking for into their account. This is often for security reasons and they will be looking to protect their players from fraud, especially if you haven’t ever made a deposit of that size before. It will also be to cover their own backs, with it looking somewhat suspicious if a player’s previous highest deposit amount, for example, was previously £50 and then climbs up to £2000. Making a significant deposit such as this can also see players unlock a second verification process on their account to once again prove who they are which goes deeper than the first one you have to complete, which will generally be a photographic ID such as your passport or driver’s license.

If you are wanting to make a high deposit on your high stakes betting site, using a bank transfer or debit card will probably be your best bet as they tend to offer the greater deposit amounts per account. However, that’s not to say you can’t use other payment methods, with options such as Apple Pay, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal all allowing their customers to make deposits of at least four figures into their account.

High Stakes Withdrawals

The withdrawal process on our high stakes betting sites are governed by a different set of rules compared to the deposit methods. Generally when high stakes are involved you can expect a withdrawal limit to be placed on your account and for that limit to also be set over a particular time period. Both the maximum withdrawal amount and the time frame in which you are able to withdraw that set amount of cash will be at the total discretion of the bookmaker, although some payment methods can also dictate these two factors. As a rule of thumb, we would recommend using the bigger names in the world of high stakes betting sites if you want the best withdrawal terms and conditions, such as the high stakes poker sites. These sites are also a lot more used to dealing with high stakes gamblers than some of the newer names on the market and will also likely come with some very rewarding VIP programmes, which we would recommend joining if you intend to gamble with high stakes.