Sky Super 6

Sky Super 6

Sky Sports Super 6 is a FREE prediction game created by Sky Sports that can net you a gigantic £ 250,000 award if you can properly select six football correct scores from a weekly match list. This sounds like a tough job, but every week Sky guarantees a £5,000 prize to the top scorer points to maintain players interested.

So you’d like to attempt to win the cash? Here’s our complete guide to this fantastic promotion that is very enthusiastic about football fans across the country!

How to Play Sky Sports Super 6

In order to access this game, you will need an account first. It’s really straight forward and it won’t take long! If you are the fortunate winner of this massive payout, Skybet will need your information!

If you already have an account, simply log in with your existing username and pin, things can’t be much simpler than that! Skybet offers a fantastic bonus promo if you’re new to this bookmaker.

Making your Super 6 picks

This is where your football knowledge comes into play. All you need to do is predict correct scores for the six games selected by the Sky Sports Super 6 team to win £ 250,000.

As mentioned above, don’t worry if you don’t predict all six outcomes correctly–if no one gets all six matches right, the player with the highest score of the week will receive £ 5,000.

The games selected for the Sky Super 6 competition, including most UK leagues and also international games. Make sure your picks are entered before the first game starts,  you don’t want to be cursing at your bad timing after checking that you’ve scored a enormous quantity of points!

You are also entering your time for the Golden Goal, which is used as a tiebreaker method if more than one winner wins the weekly prize. Your forecast of the moment of the first objective to be achieved in the six games is the’ Golden Goal.’

Can I Do This On Mobile?

If you are unable to access a laptop or PC, there is no problem! To get on your selections just as fast, you can use the mobile app that is accessible for all smartphones. The mobile app is so easy to use and once you have logged in, you can pick your choices in less than a minute. Perfect for doing other things with a £ 250,000 winning shout when you’re busy but still want to be in with a chance!

If you find it difficult to make your choices for this, why not use the understanding of the Soccer Saturday panel? On both desktop and mobile platforms, Jeff Stelling, Jamie Redknapp, Dale Tempest and Ed Chamberlain all have their views accessible… Maybe they will help you win the jackpot!

Points Calculation

The calculation of your points is all about goals, knowing exactly where they come from. Being able to select a winner is also a enormous plus, so experienced football punters should be licking their lips!

You get two points to correctly choose the outcome of a match. For instance, if you’ve been expecting Liverpool to win 2-1, but they actually win 2-0, you’ll score two points. You will get a maximum of five points if you get the score correct as well.

This is where you can transform your predictive abilities into cash!

In any single game, the largest score you can get is five points (two for the right team winning or five to predict the right score). As stated above, when you tie at the top of the leaderboard, your’ Golden Goal ‘ time becomes the crucial factor.

You can check your points once the football match is over and compare them with the rest of the league by clicking on’ My Account,’ which will also show you where you are in the monthly rankings and all the time.

Now you have all the details on winning the massive £ 250,000 award you can try your luck!

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