High Volatility Slots Guide – Best High Variance Slot Games

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When it comes to video slots there is a lot to look out for including their volatility, which we take a closer look at below.

If you are unaware of the meaning of high volatility or high variance it basically is a measurement of the chance of receiving a return/win from your chosen slot. The term high variance or high volatility mean the same thing.

By providing players with a volatile measurement, they know what to expect from different video slots in terms of returns when playing these slots. When talking about high volatility slots we are referring to those that either payout large wins every once in a long while, or those that can pay out a large number of wins in a short period of time. On the other side of the spectrum, low volatility slots will pay out more frequently but these returns will often be much smaller.

Risk of High Volatility Slots

Since high volatility slots payout the biggest prizes they come with the highest risk of losing, which means players may go through long spells of spinning the reels and seeing no return for their wagered cash. However, if you are lucky enough to land one big win, you can be sure to see your original balance won back plus more. These long dry spells can be tough to go through, but more often than not, landing that perfect spin will reward your persistence.

When High Volatility slots should be played

If you have been reading up to this point, then the risk of losing is no surprise when it comes to high volatility slots. With that being said, when should you play high volatility slots? Well, the simple answer is that you should only choose to play high volatility slots when you have plenty of time on your hands, as well as having more than enough cash in your bankroll. If you are short on time and do not have a large amount of disposable income, it may not be a wise idea to use high volatility slots in an attempt to win some cash, as they are both time and money-draining.

It is often a good idea to set yourself a budget when it comes to playing high volatility slots and once you have hit this budget, you must be able to walk away even if you have not won anything during this session.

Patience is vital when it comes to these high-risk slots and if you have enough of it you may be lucky enough to see that winning spin. So, if you have the money and time, high volatility slots are more likely to be a lot more fun to play and could potentially lead to some big returns.

Determining Slot Volatility

Slot developers and casino game designers are never totally willing to display what volatility their game offers, as it could lead to players avoiding it if it does not offer the volatility they desire. However, all players are different and always have a tendency to prefer one over the other, which means neither high volatility or low volatility slots are necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Determining the volatility of slots is done by simply playing them, as it does not take too long to notice how often or not they payout. A lot of video slots and other games can be played for free before you choose to wager actual cash on them. Trying slots out for free is recommended as it gives players a feel for the slots payout tendencies.

Final Words on Slot Volatility

To summarise what we have covered, playing high volatility slots comes down to players personal preference. If you have plenty of spare time and the money to risk playing these high volatility slots then it may be worth trying your luck, while those of you with minimal spare time and a tighter budget it may be worth sticking to the slots that payout smaller prizes/jackpots more often.