Betstars Bookmaker Review

Sign Up Offer Bet £10 Get £20

Betstar is a smaller bookmaker compared to the likes of Bet365 and Betfair. However, it still offers you a lot of great features which could appeal to certain customers around the world.

Different type of bets

When you are betting, people like to have different ways of seeing what the odds are. Betstar offers you all of them with Fraction and Decimal both available for players.

This bookmaker also provides two ways to place bets. The first is called Match Selection. This is where you place bets before the games have kicked off. A lot of players place acca’s, and this is when most people will do them. They will look at the form of the teams and put money on them because of that.

The second is called in-play. This is where you will place bets once a game has kicked off. Players that tend to do this are ones who want to see how a team starts the game before risking their money. It is a good idea, but the odds may change once the match has kicked off, depending what you are looking at betting on.

Betstars Free Bet

When you sign up with Betstar, you have the opportunity to get £20 absolutely free. You do this by placing a £5 bet on anything you want, and whatever the outcome of that bet, you’ll still receive £20 completely free to play with. The free bets will come in four blocks of £5. The first £5 will be credited to your account within the first 72 hours of you creating it. You will then get the second after a week, third after two and fourth after three weeks. Although it may not sound convincing, it is always nice to be surprised with free bets, and to get one every week would be great.

Cash Out feature

Betstar offers a cash out feature which gives you the opportunity to take a profit at any time during your bet. For example, if you have £10 on a particular team to win, and they are winning, this bookmaker may offer you £20 back, your total returns would be £30 if they went on to win. You might not feel comfortable letting it run and may decide to take your £10 profit and walk away. This is great as it gives you a lot more flexibility with your bets and how long you have them going for.

Betstars Sportsbook

Their Sportsbook is where you will bet on all your sports either in play or beforehand. You can bet on the popular sports such as football, cricket and rugby, but they’re also other sports for other people like basketball, tennis and golf. There seems to be something for everyone, which is a great section of the website.

Betstars Casino

Another thing that this bookie offers is a casino. This is where you have the right to play games such as Roulette, Blackjack and much more. There is a game for everyone on their site, and you can put as little as you want on, meaning all kind of players can play.

Betstars Poker

Poker tends to be where the players with higher funds go. This is a game that you need to know how to play before you get involved because if you don’t, you could see yourself lose a lot of money without even realising. You do get £10 free when you start with the poker, which would give you enough to give it a go and see if it’s right for you.

Payment options, deposit and withdrawal methods

There are many different ways you can deposit on Betstar, with the most popular being Major debit/credit cards, Mastercard Paypal, PokerStarsTopUp, Skrill and Maestro. If your deposit doesn’t go through right away, you will have the option to go into a live chat with one of the members of the team, who will kindly give you a helping hand through the steps on how to deposit your money. Withdrawing will be the same story for punters. You can withdraw your money using the same methods as you did to deposit, but it will not be instant. If you are transferring into a bank account, it could take 2-5 days to do so. If you are having trouble withdrawing money, you will also get the option to go into a live chat where someone will help you get your money out of your account.

Customer Support

Betstar offers around the clock service which comes 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is great if you ever have a problem, there is always someone to deal with any issues. This bookmaker has a section on the website where frequently asked questions (FAQ) are stored. This way it’ll save you time having to contact someone, by just seeing if you can find your answer. If your questions aren’t covered, a member of staff will be happy to help you.

If you don’t already have an account and need to get hold of them, the best way to do that is by email. They try to get back to you within the working day, but in some cases, it will be busy meaning it could take 2-3 days. If you have got an account, there is a contact form under ‘help’ on the website and app.


Betstars is a decent bookmaker but doesn’t offer as much as some of the bigger names in the industry. They still have a lot to build on the site, but this could certainly be one for the future. Many punters may find that this is the right site for them, as it is accessible and easy to find your way around.