Betfred Bookmaker Review

£30 Sign Up Offer

Welcome to our Betfred bookmaker review. Betfred is one of the biggest independent bookmakers in the world and is the UK’s biggest high street retailer, offering customers with 1350 shops around the country. The company started with one man and one shop. A guy called Fred Done set it up with a shop in Salford in 1967; there is no doubt it has gotten a lot bigger over the years. Betfred site includes Betfred Bingo, Casino, Lotto and Mobile.

Betfred have recently acquired Tote for a massive £265 million pounds. The company was rewarded massively for this by getting a seven-year license deal to operate in the pools throughout all UK racecourses. They are great at offering good odds and superb customer support to make you happy when betting on the website.

Betting coverage, In-play, and odd margins

Betfred offers their football offers mainly to UK offers, but they do offer odds for European leagues. They also offer Asian Handicap odds for the main sports. This bookmaker has some of the best odds available when betting on the popular sports which make it extremely appealing to a lot of punters.

Live Betting

Betfred offers Live Betting which is what most people will know as In Play. This allows you to place bets once the game has kicked off. Some of the selections that you have before the match may disappear when it goes in play, but there will still be a lot to choose from.

Match selection

Match selection is where you place a bet before the game has kicked off. You tend to get more when doing it before the game. This is where most people will do things such as accumulators, doubles, trebles, etc.

Mobile Betting

Betfred also offers mobile betting which means you can get on the move. This gives people a lot of freedom when betting, and if you are out and about, it’s no problem at all. The Betfred mobile app may look slightly different to the desktop page, but it will still all have the same content, odds and set up. You can get the website on all smartphones, whether it’s as an app or on the web.

The new sportsbook has lots of new features which will appeal even more to new and existing customers. Hopefully, this Betfred bookmaker review has helped you understand how to work Betfred on a mobile device.

Betfred Sign up offer

If you haven’t yet got a BetFred account, you are entitled to the sign-up offer. They also offer a deal which sees you have to bet £10, to receive £30 absolutely free. This is yet another thing that will appeal to customers as it gives you some money to get started with which you can try and win with, to then withdrawal if that what you want to do. The bet £10 get £30 is quite a big offer with bookmakers, but a few others do have better ones, it must be said. This Betfred bookmaker review has all the links to all the sign-up offers.


Betfred Sportsbook offers all kind of different sports, including the popular ones, but also some that not many I’ll bet on, but they are there for the ones that want to. It is easy to get around and offers great odds. We hope that this Betfred bookmaker review has helped with all the different sports to bet on at Betfred.

Casino/Live casino

Betfred bookmaker also offers a Casino both from the computer and a live one. This gives people the choice of two different options, but there are many different styles and games you can play once you go into it.

Payment options, deposit and withdrawal methods

When you are depositing or withdrawing from a different currency, you will have the exchange rate which is quoted by the Financial Times.
There are many ways you can deposit and withdrawal money when using BetFred. Here is the list: All major credit/debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Ukash, Cheque, Bankers Draft and Bank Wire. When depositing, you have to put in a minimum of £5 in the UK and €7.20 in Europe. If you are using e-wallets, it is the same for the UK but €10 for Europe.

There are no chances for depositing or withdrawing money from BetFred, but you will need to check with your bank that you don’t get charged for using your money for gaming purposes. If you use Neteller or Moneybookers and deposit anything under £170/€300/$300, then you will usually be charged a 2.9% charge.

Because of Card Scheme Rules and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, you have to withdraw money from the same method as you have deposited it. This stops people from getting into your account and withdrawing the money from a different account. If you did want to change the method, multiple tests will be done and you will need to have information to show it is still you that is withdrawing the money. When the money goes into your selected account, the transaction will be shown as either Betfred or Petfre. We hope that this Betfred Bookmaker Review has been helpful to you, and you can now use the site with ease.

Customer Support

BetFred offers a 24/7 live chat service which is also running 365 days a year. This comes in the English language. You can also contact them through email and phone. If you are on the live chat, the response will be immediate and will offer you great support for whatever you need help with. If you contact them through email, you could wait a while, but they will get back to you within one working day on most occasions. A phone call will be immediate unless it is something out of their hands they can do it over the phone. They also offer an FAQ section on the website which is where they keep the most commonly asked questions. So if you look in there before contacting one of the team, you could have some time. When you contact someone, there are four different selections to go through. They are accounts, technical, free bets and general support.