Online Baccarat Guide

Published: April 30, 2020
Author: leonsargentav
Last Updated: July 25, 2023
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People have been known to play Baccarat since the early 19th century and now this traditional card game can be enjoyed online across the majority of online casinos. Whether you are looking to play Baccarat for free or with real money, you are bound to have countless hours of fun with the possibility of winning some lucrative payouts. With so many platforms now offering various versions of baccarat it can be a tough job selecting one that you can put your trust in, as well as one that can offer captivating gameplay. So, continue reading below to find out what are the best online casinos to play baccarat, how to play baccarat and various other related top tips.

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a comparing card game that is played between a ‘player’ and a ‘banker’ who are competing against one another to see who can draw two cards that have a total value closest to nine. It is your job to place your bets on who you believe will draw cards closest to the value of nine and you have three options to choose from – Player, Dealer/Banker or a tie.

Cards two through to nine are face value, while a 10, jack, queen and king have a value of zero. The ace card has a value of one.

playing online bacarrat feature image

A Selection of Baccarat Games

If you are dealing with a respectable online casino, you should be able to find a portfolio that offers a variety of baccarat games as there is far more than one variation of this traditional card game available. Being such a variety of baccarat games available, you can find variations that cater to all different types of players. So whether you are looking to enjoy a quick game on your mobile or take your chances in an illustrious tournament, you can be sure to find all types available.

A good thing to look for when trying to find a trustworthy casino is an RTP (Return To Player) figure, which should be clearly displayed by the casino across the majority if not all of their available games. The majority of good casinos outsource for their Baccarat games using high-quality software developers, so you should expect to see a whole host of stats, rules, betting limits and table availability when browsing their Baccarat lobbies.

Real Money Baccarat vs Free Baccarat

No matter what casino you choose to use for your gaming needs you should be able to find options whether to play their games for free or for real money. Below we take a quick look at the positives of each game type.

Free Baccarat

  • Play from the comfort of your home.
  • Learn the rules of the game, whilst playing for free.
  • Uses the same game software of real-cash games.
  • Gain in-game experience at no cost.

Real Money Baccarat

  • Play from the comfort of your home.
  • Chance to win excting prizes.
  • Win real cash.
  • Exciting gameplay.

Cryptocurrency Baccarat Casinos

It is key for all gamers to find an online casino that offers a number of flexible, safe and fast methods of payment to ensure they offer the best user experience. The best and most secure casinos will offer a number of safe payment methods to their customers which range from credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and now cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Baccarat casinos are becoming more and more popular as cryptocurrencies become ever-increasingly used across the gaming world. Using cryptocurrencies can lead to much quicker transactions, bigger bonuses and complete anonymity.