Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming is an innovative software provider that has been producing various gaming software since 2014. Despite being launched less than ten years ago, Red Tiger Gaming has a lot of experience to its name when it comes to online casino games. Red Tiger Gaming headquarters are located in the Isle of Man, so you can expect to find their games in high demand across the United Kingdom. However, Red Tiger Gaming’s slots appeal to a much wider field than just the UK with them popular in Europe and Asia.

Thanks to the distinctive logo that features a striking red tiger’s head, Red Tiger Gaming’s slots are never hard to spot and this also comes down to their game availability, as their games are available in a wide selection of casinos.

Red Tiger Gaming cut no corners when it comes to the development of their slot and that is why they offer some of the most creative and impressive titles that are currently available. Some of the features found within Red Tiger Games are impressive to say the least and helped the software company to receive the 2017 EGR award for ‘Innovation in Slot Provision’.

Red Tiger Gaming Software

To be a successful software provider, you must be able to offer software on a variety of platforms and this is something that Red Tiger nails. Red Tiger builds all their games on the HTML 5 platform and what this means is that players can enjoy their games on mobile devices without having to go through the pain of downloading any extra files. With that being said, Red Tiger games are also available to be played on PC’s, desktop and tablets.

From our experience, Red Tiger Gaming’s slots run perfectly on mobile devices and have been designed to the highest of standards. We experienced no lag or unwanted delays when testing a variety of Red Tiger slots on mobile devices.

Despite being in the industry for only six years, Red Tiger comes across as veterans in the business with their incredible knowledge and impressive slots that could easily compete with some of the most popular slot titles. The quality of their games is most certainly at the forefront of their minds and this is clear to see when playing them. The incredible attention to detail and sharp graphics are to a level that not many competitors can match.

Red Tiger Gaming Game Options

Red Tiger Gaming offers incredible games with incredible graphics across their entire collection of available slots, but one thing that makes them stand out from the crowd is the bonus features. Red Tiger bonus games tend to be a lot more creative and imaginative than competitors, making for more interesting gameplay.

One Red Tiger Gaming slot we see this in is Ancient Script, a slot made up of three rows and five reels that displays an ancient Egyptian theme. The feature that will catch your eye in this slot is when one of the stone tablet symbols expands to cover an entire reel and this can be triggered after any spin. This random feature makes gameplay far more enjoyable and exciting, as you never know when it may be triggered.

With there being so many slots available online it can be hard to come up with an original theme, so even with Red Tiger Gaming’s impressively creative game designers, you will find many slots that offer common themes. However, Red Tiger always wants their games to stand out from the crowd and that’s why characters in their games are rendered in a cartoon-style.

Epic Journey is a perfect example of a slot that features a fairly common theme of Ancient Chinese culture, but thanks to the unique characters and symbols, including a regal pig and half-human and half-monkey hybrid, it manages to stand out from the crowd.

Red Tiger Gaming Final Verdict

The iGaming industry is an incredibly tough industry to break into and that comes from the vast amount of companies competing in it. So, it is incredibly important that Red Tiger Gaming has the attitude that they currently do, which is to go above and beyond in producing some of the best available slots.

Red Tiger Gaming slots feature some of the most potent graphics/animations and let’s not forget the creative bonus games that are available too. Combine all this with the ability to play their slots across all devices and you are on to a winner, which makes it clear how we feel about Red Tiger Gaming.