High Stakes Betting

You may already have the best High Stakes Gambling Sites in mind, however, we have listed our top picks when it comes to these criteria. Everything from experience, security, and reputation are considered and we have considered a wide range of sites before deciding who make the list.

There is little doubt that generally speaking online gambling sites are for the recreational gambler. £2 accumulators, £10 on a horse and a £6 reverse forecast are more common bets than parting with tens of thousands of pounds in one hit. However, for punters that are craving the placing of big bets, there are some great High Stakes Gambling Sites out there. When you are looking for an online High Stakes Betting Site with experience of taking High Rollers bets, a strong reputation, high-level security and the right features required to satisfy a High Stakes Bet Ideas.

High Stakes Gambling Site Considerations


Considering the fact you are going to be parting with large sums of cash it is important that you know you are sending the money somewhere that can be trusted. To analyse this you should consider the company’s track record and if they have been a long-established company this is a real positive. It is also worth noting that in this day and age there are dozens of review websites where you can see what customers think of a bookmaker. Forums, comments and general reviews can give you a good gauge on the trustworthiness of a bookmaker. Always take note of the fact that a losing punter is almost always an unhappy one. This means individuals may leave negative reviews purely due to the fact they are light in the pocket. Try and see through this and look at the bigger picture regarding the bookmaker.


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Websites have become extremely sophisticated as hackers have tried to break the security of these sites for their financial gain. High-level security is vital in protecting your money and you want to use a bookmaker which has taken the appropriate encryption measures. Thankfully almost all bookmakers now provide this and they often provide you with the exact security measures they have adopted on their site. If you can’t find the details you can always ask and they can provide you with what security they are using.


Whilst the trustworthiness and security of a site is vital there is little point in opening an account if they are not going to be willing to accept the size of bet that you desire. You will generally find that the household names accept the largest bets. You will also find that in most cases your limits will increase as time goes on and you placed relatively large bets. You will find some bookmakers will accept large bets instantly but on some occasions, you may have to call up the customer service team in order to get the bet on. We tend to find the bookmakers will bend over backwards for most High Rollers and treat you like royalty. Bookies that don’t limit UK do not exist but the limits are astonishingly high.

Transaction Size

In all honesty, we could have probably inserted this information within the limits section. This isn’t something that would be considered by your regular punter, but as a High Roller, you need a bookmaker that accepts large transactions via your chosen payment method. Some payment method will allow you to deposit larger amounts than others so you may even want to set up a new kind of payment method such as E-Wallets if they accept larger amounts of money.

High Stakes Perks

It is also worth considering how a bookmaker treats a High Roller. The good bookies will offer their biggest punters a VIP Scheme which can result in bonuses, promotions, even holidays. You will also be allocated your personal account manager and be able to contact them 24/7. You will also receive Higher deposit limits and generally a more flexible service from the bookmaker. Whilst it is not possible for you to gaige this until you have opened an account we have experienced the services of most bookmakers and High Stakes Perks have been considered before compiling our Best High Stakes Gambling Sites.


Always remember the bookmaker always wants you busy, and this is particularly when you are a High Roller. With this in mind make sure you are receiving the kind of service that you deserve from High Stakes Bookmakers. Either select one of the bookmakers on our list or take into consideration the above points before opening an account.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Can I Deposit?

This varies between bookmakers but the most established bookmakers accept the largest of deposits and it is in the tens of thousands.

Will I Get Paid Out?

Absolutely. This is, of course, assuming you have selected a reputable and legitimate bookmaker. All of those found on our list.

Is My Money Safe?

Once again, if you select a bookmaker from one on our list you can be sure that the site is secure and that your money is safe.