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Golden Vegas Casino Promo Code - £10 No Deposit Bonus

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Golden Vegas Casino Promo Code October 2019 - £10 No Deposit

Golden Vegas is one of the most popular online casino and betting websites around right now, with large numbers of customers registering every week and availing of some terrific promotions. The promotions are so good in fact, that we decided to list all of them from top to bottom so our readers can consider whether or not they want to sign up too.

Registration Bonus

This bonus is simple, yet so effective. New users can get a £10 bonus when they sign up by just creating an account with Golden Vegas. It really is as easy as that! There are no hidden extras, just plain and simple information. Signing up is not a difficult task and will only require the user to detail some of their personal information such as email address, age and a password to go with their account. Then they can start playing with the extra tenner.

£5 Bonus

In-app betting is becoming one of the favourite ways to win amongst modern day players, and Golden Vegas have realised this in their new offer for customers. When users download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store for a mobile device they will be rewarded with a handy £5 bonus for their account if they have previously deposited on the site. Again, this bonus has zero hidden terms and conditions and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Deposit Bonuses

£250 Bonus

When users make their initial deposit with Golden Vegas they will be rewarded with a £250 bonus. Unfortunately, we cannot be certain that there are no hidden additional terms and conditions with this offer as they do not explain it in further detail on the site, and we recommend that any potential users contact the support team if there are any doubts surrounding this offer.

Gaming Room Bonus

When users make a deposit in a gaming room they will be credited with a £10 cash reward. This deposit must be made in a gaming room with the help of a staff member at Golden Vegas and the bonus shall be credited on the 11th day of the following month, after the deposit has been made. Should the 11th fall on a weekend or non-working day, the bonus will be credited the next working day instead. When this bonus has been received by the account holder they will have 30 days to connect to their account. If they do not follow this requirement the funds will be cancelled and removed from the account wallet.


Freebets are a great way to have even more fun on betting sites and thanks to this incredible offer from Golden Vegas, users can get 25 freebets if they have already deposited in their account before. This offer will see users rewarded with 1- 25 freebets depending on the amount deposited, so if a user deposits between £10-£19.99 they will get one freebet, should they deposit £20-£29.99 they will get two freebets, and if they deposit £30-£39.99 they will get three freebets. It continues like this until £250 where users will be given 25 freebets worth £10.

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